Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mr. Potato Head?

The boys got Mr. Potato Heads from Aunt Brittany this year for Christmas. And they have a had a ball with them!!

Especially Camden.

But instead of Mr. Potato Head wearing his accessories, Camden likes to wear them.

The glasses in particular!! :)

And he wears them quite often, as he is playing, like its no big deal!!

In fact its not a big deal at all. Its HILARIOUS!!

So the other night, they were playing, (umm I mean, getting into a drawer they weren't suppose to be getting into.)

But yeah, since daddy wasn't home :), they were playing, I noticed Camden had them on.

Just going about his business.

So I grabbed my camera and stat down next where they were playing and then started taking pictures.

Fair warning... IF you fall out of chair from laughin' so hard, its not my fault!!! HAHA!

Just playing away...

Ummm.. whats in here... 

Still doing his own thing!! HAHA 

Hey momma, you wanna Wii remote, Yes I know I'm not suppose to have it. That's why I am handing it to you. Oh and your taking my picture?? Alrighty then..... 

(he does this EVERY time he sees a camera, my little ham bone!)


Me: Cam your a mess!!!
Cam: cheese!!!

1 comment:

Scott, Lyndee, Gunner & Karlee said...

SOOOOOO SWEET!!!! You DID have me laughing, wayyyy too hard and since I'm at work you are in TROUBLE!!
Melissa, you have the cutest boys!!!